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US Customs and Border Protection to Test Blockchain Shipment Tracking System


Reportedly, there will be a combination of two different systems for the test which is, the Legacy application of CBP and a platform powered by blockchain. Both CBP and the Department of Homeland security, which is the border control organization of the country, are developing this blockchain-powered platform. The results of this test will help to determine the capability of distributed ledger Technology for enhancing the certificate verification process of different partners of North American free trade agreement and the Central America free trade agreement, and reducing the time-taking procedure of the resubmission of shipping data.

During this test, specific interaction standards are to be established between different blockchains to facilitate the connection between software firms without any extra modifications.

The director of Transformation & Innovation Division from CBP, Vincent Annunziato said that the existing blockchain infrastructure lacks compatibility and ensuring data security of is utmost importance. The law agency is also working on a POC(Proof of Concept) for managing Intellectual Property Rights. The director also claimed that the results of this testing would help consumers decide if a product is authentic or not.

The law agency is also working on a POC(Proof of Concept) for managing Intellectual Property Rights.

The US IT news site GCN shared that CBP is also working on a collaboration with a few blockchain startups like Factom and DHS Science & Technology for another project related to blockchain which will focus on interception of information from various cameras and sensors. It is estimated to be at a stage of a six-month field test in Texas.

An announcement was also made by DHS back in 2017 which stated that it is preparing to use blockchain technology for securing storage of data collected by security cameras and sensors, which will definitely help to maintain national security to some extent.

Another blockchain shipping project "TradeLens", was launched recently by IBM and Danish Transport & Logistics in which around 95 organizations were involved and approximately 154 million shipping events have been processed till now.