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Seven Premier League Football Clubs Sign Bitcoin Advertising Deal With eToro


The UK-based trading platform eToro, has signed an advertising deal with seven Premier League Football teams and for the first time ever the clubs' transaction took place in bitcoin. The news was revealed by both the parties on Tuesday, August 21.
Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace, Brighton & Hove Albion, Cardiff City, Leicester City Football Club, Southampton and Newcastle United are the seven teams who announced that they have signed up to host advertisements of eToro.

The integration of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in football stadiums and industry will form the focus for the partnerships in future. So far, eToro has not given any details regarding the nature of the advertisement deal with the seven UK based football Clubs.

Cryptocurrency integration in the mainstream football is being seen as a new milestone for the blockchain and cryptocurrency. These kind of initiatives prove that the football industry is open to cryptocurrencies. Only a few financial technology based companies have setup crypto assets-based remuneration system and now football players' support for cryptocurrencies is being considered as a highly positive sign and the next big thing for cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

"the blockchain technology that underpins crypto currencies like Bitcoin brings transparency, which we believe can improve the experience for everyone who loves the 'beautiful game', from fans being targeted by ticket touts, or a club negotiating a transfer, we believe that blockchain will revolutionise the world of football."

eToro's UK Managing Director Iqbal V. Gandham said that

"The Union of European Football Associations, popularly known as UEFA, confirmed last week that as part of a phased rollout, a blockchain-based ticketing system has been deployed."